MT Food Connection Project: Community Carrots – Bozeman

Community Carrot Patch ~ 2020 Pilot Project


Round 1 Project: June 2020-May 2021

Gallatin Valley Botanical grew 2 acres of carrots – an easily stored, kid-friendly vegetable – to supply schools and the local food bank. GVB Farm grew 2,000 lbs of carrots on their own farm and on land donated for their use during the season. Carrots were harvested by 100 community volunteers and the local farm to school program. Carrots were then taken to the MFBN where their volunteers processed the carrots. Half of the carrots were donated to the Bozeman School districts for the school meal program and half went to the food pantry for their clients.

The goal was to create a viable model for vegetable production that

  • (a) strengthened community by offering a meaningful opportunity to come together,
  • (b) increased food security and access to healthful local produce,
  • (c) increased understanding of food systems, and
  • (d) supported farmers who grow donated/discounted food for their community.

Partners included Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Happel Family Farm, Root Cellar Foods, Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Gallatin Valley Farm to School, Open & Local.


Round 2 project – June 2021 – November 2021:

Building from the success of Gallatin Valley’s 2020 Community Carrot Harvest, MFEI was able to support another Round of minigrant funding for Community Carrot project. The project was seeking to launch a long-term Community Harvest program to help design, promote, coordinate and support fun, meaningful volunteer opportunities that engage community members directly in our local food system. The second video in this listingoutlines how this project progressed and its successes and challenges.

Video 1: Community Food Harvests: Models for feeding communities body and soul in the time of covid

Video 2: Community Carrots and their Volunteer Platform

Kate Burnaby-Wright

Open and Local Coalition

[email protected]


  • Agriculture
  • Community-based food system
  • Farm to Institution
  • Food Access


  • Distribution
  • Eating
  • Processing
  • Production


  • Adults
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Older Adults
  • Preschool & Early Childcare (0-5 years)


  • Food Pantry

Project Resource

  • Project Reporting


  • Community Food System Toolkit