MT Food Product Development Lab: Rocky Boy Reservation Kamut Fry Bread Taste Test

Jason Belacourt conducted an Indian tacos fry bread taste test using kamut flour grown by Quinn Organics and traditional white flour fry bread with students at Rocky Boy school. The MSU Food Product lab supported this project by developing a taste test form.

There are two taste test forms for this project one for

Fry Bread Ballot – Home use and one for use in the cafeteria – Fry Bread Ballot – Cafeteria.

These ballots can be re-created for any other Taste Tests that groups may be interested in hosting.

Kamut Fry Bread Taste Test at Rocky Boy School


  • Agriculture
  • Community-based food system
  • Farm to Institution


  • Eating
  • Processing


  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Middle School


  • Child Care (Learn)

Project Resource

  • Evaluation Tools
  • Project Reporting


  • Community Food System Toolkit