MFEI 2020 Project Framework

The MFEI Project framework is a set of processes, conversations, and suggested tasks that provide guidance and structure for the execution of an MFEI Community project. The framework helps groups map out the progression of the individual project steps, from beginning to completion.

The framework supports teams in learning about:

  • Components of an MFEI Community food system project.
  • How to determine fit of a community to complete a project
  • How to develop a diverse coalition
  • How to set-up the project
    • Project purpose and definition
    • Develop Mission & Vision
    • Develop core values
  • Define project metrics and success
  • How to share the story of the project

For more information on how to use this information please contact the MFEI Coordinator – [email protected]


  • Community-based food system


  • Adults

Project Resource

  • Evaluation Tools
  • Project Framework


  • Community Food System Toolkit