Butte Community Food System Assessment

The organizations and individuals completed a food systems assessment together with the support of MFEI as the facilitator. They assessed areas of opportunity and areas of strength in the five system sectors and in the asset areas of economy, wellness, environment, equity, and policy. They also created a Butte specific research manual. In June of 2020, they surveyed their population at the summer Farmer’s Market, local grocery stores and restaurants and through online methods (newsletters and social media).

See the materials tab to review the survey questions.

The survey and the formal assessment process informed the Butte Community Food Systems Snapshot.

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At this point in the project, the organizations and individuals involved in this assessment decided to formalize into the Butte Food Systems Coalition.

Here is the Butte Food Systems Coalition talking about the process and Butte.

Digital Story from MFEI Network celebration in May 2021

MFEI stayed on with the Coalition through project prioritization and some initial project planning. The Butte Food Systems Coalition did their final presentation at AERO EXPO in November 2021.

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In addition to developing the snapshot, which is a research-based resource for their community, the Butte Food Systems Coalition members also learned more about food systems. Key learnings and experiences included:

  • Increasing awareness of, understanding of, and confidence to work with diverse individuals, organizations, and institutions to develop their community food system.
  • How to discern the different sectors of the food system and their impact on the community. 
  • How to create a long-term vision for a local food system that balances the environmental, economic, and social health of the region.
  • Identify stakeholders &  interconnectedness in the community food system.
  • Developing diverse coalitions working toward collective community goals.
  • Identifying primary and secondary data sources for CFSA and priority projects.
  • Knowing how to utilize community food system assessments to determine priority projects.

Digital Story: Butte Community Food System Assessment Digital Story - May 2020

For more information on this project and Community Food System Assessments please connect with the MFEI coordination: [email protected]


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  • Processing
  • Production
  • Waste management


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